Warren Hoffman, brother of Wildetect Dean Hoffman, is fanatical about the industry he chose. He devotes himself to his work and most importantly, exudes passion and has a clear direction. He is currently a student in his fourth year of architectural studies at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). He played a huge role in inspiring Dean to begin studies at Academy of Inventive Design and Technology (IDT) during his times of studying draughting. 

Warren became encouraged to start studying architecture  during his draughting years when he met founder of Wildetecture, Quinton J Damstra. Quinton was Warren's architectural draughting lecturer at the time. Warren viewed him as a major mentor as Quinton supported him through his current and past processes through design and architecture with strong encouragement and belief in his abilities as a designer. Quinton approached the brothers with the idea of Wildetecture.

The two brothers joined Quinton on his journey and transformed Wildetecture from concept phase into reality. 

Warren is currently qualified as an architectural technologist and draughtsperson with his current studies leading him to his masters in architecture in the near future. His strong passion has led him to consider studying even further and exploring the fields of interior and industrial design so that he can grow into a fully fledged Wildetect with a vast array of qualifications in the design field in attempt to unite them all into the architectural field of work to create unique architecture that integrates these broad fields of design.

What inspires me is the very existence of space and the vast possibilities the space can become and how this can develop through human intervention and the unique personalities that one can experience through this.
— Warren Hoffman

Written by Tarryn Hardwicke