Quinton J Damstra, founder of Wildetecture which began in 2008, currently an examiner and moderator for the department of higher education and training while running his own design based drawing office and QJD since 1999. He designs homes, alterations, additions and furniture. He is also highly into art. Quinton is a strong believer that ones portfolio of artistic work is key and speaks higher volumes than anything else. Education is an advantage, but the talent and passion is in your blood. People want to see your work, conceptual sketches and most importantly, the end result. 

Wildetecture focusses on creating an artistic identity within an African continent setting. Africa has an energy that is unique and this gives artists the chance to go WILD! Art is a continuous active process of creating end product sketches. Quinton mentioned that it's important to stay focussed and love every moment throughout the process from start to finish. Then theres the question, do artists ever get to the point where they are happy with their work? 

There is a point where every artist asks “why am I doing this?” and it’s the personal answer to this that drives all artists forward into the abyss.
— Quinton J Damstra

Arabella, near Cape Town, where we view two beautiful houses designed by architect, Quinton J Damstra. As the 2 homes are principally holiday homes the main thrust was to create space and luxury with a very tight budget.

"Always growing - Always improving"

Quinton is influenced by the third generation ideas from different continents. So it's not limited to immediate surroundings. It's the idea of global village influence that creates exciting artistic fusion opportunities. Each project is an experiment attempting the unknown. Tomorrows work will be an improvement of todays sketch. 

We are reflectors of our many experiences and each reflection is different because all journey’s are never the same.
— Quinton J Damstra

Written by Tarryn Hardwicke