Wildetect team _ Quinton J Damstra, Warren Hoffman, Dean Hoffman _ designed@wildetecture.com  _ 

Wildetect team _ Quinton J Damstra, Warren Hoffman, Dean Hoffman _ designed@wildetecture.com  


  1. Architectural Design
  2. Custom Furniture Pieces
  3. Interior Design
  4. Exhibition and Stage Design
  5. Rendering and Animation Services


As a collective with unique strengths and styles we have been able to produce wild concepts across 3 different wild perspectives - on our initial pitch with clients, we get a brief and style/ influence from client, which then sets us off to create our own view on what the client is looking for in their design, we return with our concepts and thoughts - and the client evaluates and usually chooses parts or aspects of all the three designs presented by each wildetect to create a new "whole design" or chooses an individual design which we then take forward. Therefore by working with us - you are working with 3 designers and receiving 3 concepts instead of 1 !  


There is art to fill a crochet minute, and art to fill generations of poets, designers and artists with enthusiasm and dreams of the impossible. The concept of wild is the thread running through the wildetect creations.

The Wildetects main objective is to create designs that are not static, but designs that are daring and unashamedly vibrant and bold – capturing the blur, representing movement in the comic strip. Designs that appear to be moving and changing to the naked eye. Design that appears to be something else from afar. Concepts embodied by disintegration of perspective, perceived kinetic architecture, architectural shadow projection – the illusion of movement in static structure is this bold way forward. Trompe-l’oeil in architectural design – earth branded architecture – human driven architectural mechanisms.

This Perceived KINETIC ISM, movement or the expression of movement within the static is what sets average sculpture apart from great. This concept is what will make great architecture magnificent. Cities that are a coat of arms or a human fingerprint – bonding the inhabitants by something far more than just the current big box little box architectural styles we see now. The out-of-Africa Wildetecture style encapsulates these incredible possibilities.


Wildetecture – Cape town – South Africa

Wildetect 1 of 3 – Warren Hoffman

Wildetect 2 of 3 – Dean Hoffman

Wildetect 3 of 3 – Quinton J Damstra


email: designed@wildetecture.com            cell: +27 74 198 8250