Viking Furniture Collection


We were recently approached by an engineering firm in Scotland looking for furniture pieces to fit into their new offices - there brief was Viking heritage – the company profile is marine engineering, so we set off with some marine – Viking schemes, from Viking boat design to wave algorithms, the concepts was quite wild, but we came to final design, introducing the Viking series – concept to creation.

Note the office table and boardroom table boat ribs – glass tops to emphasize this – on the boardroom table we introduced raw steel end stands- to create a subtle look of Viking ship lines fusing into the waves.

Forged, hewn and crafted on the wild sea shores of the cape of storms, this VNLT Wildetecture furniture creation has spared no detail. Carefully processing through several wildetect phases, sketches and design ideas. The end product set is as visually powerful as it is delicate. To achieve this balance of intricately strong line is a timeous subtle  process.   To fully appreciate the nuances of past, present and future, the wildetect creative needs to explore many avenues of thought.

The Viking Norse tables progression as interpreted by wildetect 2 of 3 has embraced the concept of past identity,  whilst continually  trying to understand current influence. The sturdy, solid, robust ships spine center is offset by the delicate, playful steel double bow elements.However the undeniable whale skeletal influence is also a design thread that cannot be ignored.

This is a Wildetecture example of exploring design concepts through ancestral influence and current “area specific” position. It’s a vehicle to a sense of rightfully belonging. The outcome is a beautiful piece that will grace the board room of a Scottish engineering company. That appreciates the Concept of a warm welcome from a far off distant shore. This wildetect  piece has travelled in small part and large measure  through African  design minds,  to now travel across seas on a voyage of discovery and as yet to be realized dreams. Well done dean for putting together this set of wonderfully crafted furniture pieces.