Upstairs on Bree

Upstairs on Bree

The Project

Upstairs on Bree is an event space located in the ever popular Bree Street, Cape Town, CBD. The venue acts as a gallery hosting First Thursdays, as well as both corporate and private functions. The interior, designed by Wildetecture, was challenging, although enjoyed thoroughly. 

The project consisted of converting a blank office space with drywall cubicles and low ceilings to a New York, chic, Urban Style space. The bar was designed by Wildetect 2 of 3, Dean Hoffman. He approached it with elements of parametric design with a gradual sloping shelf into the space that creates a sense of movement. He made use of brown leather and MDF wood as a finish for the bar to create an alternative look and feel. 

The roof was replaced with high white ceilings and dark wooden beams to create depth above the below, clean aesthetics. 

The goal? 

To create a large open space that would dramatize the art on display in the gallery as well as fit the profile of a New York, Urban Style space. The venue is now used for a range of events and the interior is well-suited for all occasions. An overall success. 

The venue was transformed completely into now what we like to still refer to as somewhat a "blank canvas," allowing the space to dress any event to perfection! 

Written by Tarryn Hardwicke