Creating your own style

Developing your own style through design is a journey and isn't something that happens immediately. It comes naturally and over time. As an artist, it can be highly beneficial to have your own signature style. One needs to always ask, who are you designing for? Understanding your client's needs is vital. In this article, we discuss creating your own style and the style of a Wildetect. 


When it comes to aesthetics, creating something magnificent can be a great way to express your style. A style begins when a concept, an idea. One can go wild with multiple techniques and styles. Experimenting is key and finding what works for you as an individual. A style should never be forced. It comes from an idea that has been developed. When one has developed a style, it is important to keep an open mind. There will be times requiring you to adapt and adjust to other circumstances such as designing for certain clients.    


Creating a style is a continuous process as well as an individual journey for each artist. The challenge is staying interested and focused throughout the way and pushing one's skills to the maximum. Each artist has their own journey and reflects it in their work often creating a style. We are able to reflect our environment and personal experiences.

Art is a communication of whats going on in one's head, better known as a language. Wildetecture is all about creating an individual artistic identity within an African continent setting. A reflection of Africa's flora and fauna environments. The cultural heritage is also significant in Wildetecture designs.

An artist is always growing and improving - the journey is life-long. Cherish it.  

Written by Tarryn Hardwicke