Wildetect aesthetics versus practicality - thinkers and makers 2014

So the design debate rages - aesthetics versus practicality - wildetect 3 of 3 is  an absolute firm believer in aesthetics uber alles.

Which really means to sit on this yellow concept mantis chair sketch 003 is not at all comfortable. To get the aesthetics right first in the concept phase is the prime goal. And only then work in the functionality and comfort-ability is what this design exercise has been about. So mantis chair 003 is a concept chair - most designers don't showcase the development concepts as it shows the flaws - however in this case the warts and all is an important part of the dialogue of this piece. To comfort this sketch from here is not an impossibility. however to get the look right first,  comfort and functionality have taken a back seat. or no seat in this case.  I've never felt compelled to fully explain the intent - however now that the chair is getting more exposure - its important to explain the design rationale.  Its great to open up debate on an issue - so this chair in a small way - opens up this argument - design aesthetic versus design  practicality.

Hence the mantis has a note telling the would be sitter - danger aesthetic sketch - DONT SIT!!!   in this particular sketch its actually darn right life threateningly dangerous for a number of very valid reasons. as a designer i am fully aware of this glaring design fault.   ( tongue in cheek, to those design moguls who hooded eye feel your comfort in this sketch is even a concern of mine.)    if anyone has ever tried to sit on the shoulders of a Grecian sculpture. one might find the same sort of dangerous interaction.  sculpture has always occupied an aesthetic appeal -  unless of course you like wrapping yourself around cold marble. 

The first and foremost design point of departure of the wildetect mantis  has always been aesthetics. its a thinking out loud process - in a  consumer world that delivers end products to the public a dime a dozen - in this case this is a concept sketch to the public - with each chair improving aesthetics,  this is sketch 003.

For me, some design doesn't have to really tick all the boxes for the masses - and no this yellow mantis is not going to roll out into a sell-able , marketable every lounge furniture piece.  In fact i dont really want to sell a single one. This wildetect mantis chair design represents a sketch of my own thoughts and for my own reasons im very happy with it.

So aesthetics versus practicality?  for now im happy to sit on the side of the fence that ive staked my claim in.  who knows what direction my thoughts will take me tomorrow.  so in a nutshell - im fully aware of the mantis chair design faults - just as im aware im missing a tooth.  the thing is - i dont really mind much if the practicalities rip it to shreds. its already served its aesthetic purpose adequately. 
for the mean time - a mantis chair needs a person like a fish needs a bicycle. and that is all i have to say about that.

mantis (3).jpg