House Clovelly

Having designed several homes with the mono pitch roof and the very man made straight line – wildetect 3 of 3 decided with this project to introduce the curve. Subtly in the cut of the roof sheeting and the fence line and in a few other areas. The homes are to be built on the mountain. The idea was to camouflage them into the landscape as much as possible - this is slightly achieved through color and the texture of stone cladding. The curve would just introduce a slight organic element to the mix - the purists of this style will lament this introduction I'm sure.

The homes have a glass element under the roof which gives the desired effect of a floating roof. The structure will be seen to be transparent and the mountain landscape behind will be seen through from the front. This heightens the underplay of the man made architectural element not nearly enough to obliterate the presence of man - however enough to pay tribute to the cape fynbos in which the structures will live.
The double rafters peeking out from under the curved cut roof will give a very desired skeletal effect - an effect I'm slowly moving towards with every new client. I assume its a Gothic approach however let me not raise the Eire of another purist set. On another project i did propose a lynx eared dormer window which is of interest to me - however the client was not really ready for this radical departure from the norm.

Clovelly House _ Hout Bay Cliffs _ Cape Town